brinker-carving-smallNatural Builders LLC is a low volume, high quality design-build construction company in Taos, New Mexico. Dedicated to a vision of personal integrity and social and environmental sustainability.  Our primary approach is to build beautiful, thoughtfully designed, highly functional homes uniting desirability with sustainability, in the most cost- effective manner.  We are constantly working to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes using the best of new technologies and ancient wisdom.

truth-window-smallOur designs always begin with the owner’s needs, desires and budget. From this point we integrate the character of the land, unique finishing details, attractive architecture and value engineering as we maximize the energy efficiency of your new home.  Our homes are comfortable and beautiful; rich with detail and warm with natural finishes and light. If you already have a design we are happy to work from it as well.  Our homes are well built from the ground up with scrupulous attention to detail where you will find solid joinery and integrity at every turn.


  • Full construction design services from prototypes to blueprints.
  • Computer assisted design including 3D modeling and walk through tours.
  • Energy modeling.
  • Assessment of existing homes for potential improvements to energy efficiency.
  • Renovations and additions.
  • Assistance in maximizing available energy incentives and tax credits.
  • Aid in achieving LEEDS certification and/or HERS ratings.
  • Comprehensive project estimating, budgeting, and cost tracking.
  • Value engineering.
  • Full solar powered carpentry shop.
  • Pre-construction consultation services.
  • Host of tools for working with clients that are living out of state during the construction process.

Residential and Commercial Construction

  • Advanced thermal and insulation systems.
  • Superior craftsmanship including custom doors, cabinets and unique finishing touches.
  • Stand alone and grid-tie photovoltaic systems.
  • Solar and high efficiency hydronic heat and domestic hot water systems.
  • Rain harvesting systems.
  • Grey water systems.
  • Data-logging system performance monitoring.
  • Thermal mass integration.
  • Effective passive solar and natural lighting.
  • Heat recovery ventilation.
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